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Legion: Class Trials

by - 2 years ago

One anticipated feature being added in Legion are Class Trials.

Class Trials are a way for players to try new classes before using a boost purchased from the Battle.net store or included in the purchase of a new expansion.

At the character creation screen a new option has been added where players are able to start a new level one character (or level 55 for Death Knights) or start a new level 100 character and enter the Class Trial. If you are creating a new level one character, players proceed in the same way they have since the game’s launch. If you choose to create a Class Trial character there is an additional menu option to select a Specialization which (at least in this stage of the Beta test) seems to be limited to certain specializations.

trial     dk_trial

After finishing character customization and entering the world you are placed in a solo instance where a member of your faction takes you through using some basic abilities representative of your class by having you fight various groups of enemies. Once you have completed the solo scenario you are immediately placed into the Broken Shore scenario for Legion to allow yourself to further familiarize yourself with your new character. Players continue through this scenario and the process of obtaining their specializations Artifact Weapon, at which point the Trial Character is locked until deleted or a Boost token is applied.

Demon Hunters are not eligible for Class Trials since they have their own starting experience starting at level 98 and finishing at level 100.

Eligible specs for the Class Trials:

Death Knight – Unholy

Druid – Balance, Feral

Hunter – Beast Mastery

Mage – Frost

Monk – Windwalker

Paladin – Retribution

Priest – Discipline

Rogue – Assassination

Shaman – Elemental

Warlock – Affliction

Warrior – Arms




Timothy Prine