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Legion Introductory Experience

by - 2 years ago

For those of you who have been participating in the testing of Legion (or for those following along to get an early look), Blizzard revealed that in an upcoming build they will be testing an option which allows players to bypass the Legion introductory experience which takes place on the Broken Shores.

The current plan is that once you have completed the Broken Shores questline on one character subsequent characters will be able to speak to an NPC and request to go straight to Dalaran to begin your Artifact quest. If you wish to go back in the future and complete the quest chain on a different character who skipped it you will be able to do so.

Originally Posted by Muffinus (Official Post)

In next week’s build we will be adding the option to skip the introductory quest line if any character on your account has completed it. Speak with Recruiter Lee or Holgar Stormaxe and let them know you’d like to head directly to Dalaran in the Broken Isles to begin the class-specific portion of your journey.

You will be able to re-acquire the intro quest line at any time from an archivist in Dalaran, should you wish to experience the lore once more or pick up any of the items.

This change is not retroactive to beta players, you will need to complete the quest line again to see the option.

I followed up with Muffinus to clarify what level of account-wide this would qualify as since there have been some items in the past which were supposed to unlock “account-wide” but only unlocked for all the characters on the same faction instead of both factions (I’m looking at you, shipyard stuff). He confirmed that it would work cross-faction, so players should only have to do it once if they so choose.

Will you be taking advantage of this particular time-saver or forging ahead to take on the introductory scenario on all your characters? Let us know in the comments!

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