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Obtaining the Artifact: Caduceus of Azshara, Resto Shaman

by - 2 years ago

Today, we take a look at the Restoration Shaman artifact intro. The Restoration artifact is called the Caduceus of Azshara in-game–older sources (including the website) call it the Scepter of Azshara. Whatever the case may be, the weapon was forged around living water taken from the Well of Eternity and was used by Queen Azshara to control her subjects.

After Azshara’s defeat during the War of the Ancients, the artifact fell into the hands of other night elves, and was eventually buried and forgotten. Until now.

For the good of the world and the growing Shaman forces, you must embark on a mission to find the last person who knew its whereabouts.

Aside: And this weapon has a really awesome particle effect. It makes me have to pee.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

A powerful scepter created by Queen Azshara long ago, before her transformation into a naga. The scepter swirls with waters from the Well of Eternity prior to its corruption, granting the scepter great magical and restorative powers. The Scepter of Azshara was lost during the War of the Ancients, shortly before Azshara and many of her followers were swallowed by the sea. Taken up by surviving night elves who knew nothing of the power it truly held, it was buried with an unknown priestess in a family tomb in Azsuna, waiting to be discovered by someone that could unlock its true potential.

Quest Recap

Scepter of Azshara, Restoration Shaman

Caduceus of Azshara, Restoration Shaman

The Caduceus contains the power to control water magic–magic that the right Shaman can use to heal allies or destroy enemies. For obvious reasons, this would be terrible in the wrong hands, and Erunak (who you should remember from the Throne of the Tides instance) has sent many Shaman in search of the weapon.

Waterspeaker Adelee, a pandaren, is the only Shaman who ever picked up a lead. Her investigation took her into the plane of water, and then communications went mysteriously dark.

When you arrive, you discover via a not-too-bright sea giant named Grash that the naga have, once again, assaulted the plane of water and the Throne of the Tides. Lady Zithreen uses the Caduceus on Queen Azshara’s behalf to subdue the creatures of the deep for an as-of-yet unknown reason (although we’ll probably find out in Azsuna). Grash then guides you throw halls of naga and makrura, as well as one of the new behemoth naga (seen below).

Once Adelee is rescued–and she’s apparently a trap to lure stupid adventurers to their demise, although I can’t imagine the necessity for this–she reveals little and less that we couldn’t already guess at about the Caduceus. You’ll then fight some more baddies, navigate Zithreen’s hall of tidal waves, and heal your allies as they confront the sea witch.

Overall, there isn’t much meat character, plot twist, or lore wise to this intro, but it is visually striking, if for no other reason than that it’s in the Throne of the Tides. Props to Cataclysm designers! And, as someone who mains ranged DPS and occasionally forays into melee DPS, this seemed challenging but doable, especially when trying to mix in some DPS in addition to heals.

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