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Obtaining the Artifact: Talonclaw, Survival Hunter

by - 2 years ago

Today, we take a look at the Survival hunter artifact intro. The Survival artifact, Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods, was crafted by the Hightmountain tauren and once the weapon of choice of Huln Highmountain.

Lost to the dreaded nightsaber Dakarr many years ago, you must embark on an adventure alongside Huln’s descendants, Apata and Wuho, and secure the weapon for the fight against the Burning Legion.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)
The Highmountain tauren crafted this spear, which predates the first demonic invasion of Azeroth more than ten thousand years ago. Talonclaw’s wielders have fought alongside many guardian animal spirits, also known as Ancients, to defend the world of Azeroth and its wildlife in particular. Over the millennia, these Ancients have bestowed their blessings on the weapon, imbuing it with a portion of their power.

Quest Recap

Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods, Survival Hunter

Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods, Survival Hunter

Your journey begins in the Hunter’s Reach, a specialized shop for hunters of all walks in Dalaran. Emmarel Shaedwarden contacts you via carrier bird, and explains that her faction, the Unseen Path, needs all hands on deck for the Burning Legion invasion. Her associate, Apata Highmountain, needs help securing the spear Talonclaw, both for her people and for the coming war.

Apata flies with you to Tideskorn Harbor, Stormheim, a foggy, haunted bog inhabited by crocolisks, kvaldir, and other adversaries. Her brother, Wuho, is already there and eager to reclaim the weapon of their ancestor, Huln Highmountain.

Rumor has it that the very nightsaber that slew Huln many years ago stalks the bog, but Wuho says that the beast is sealed away behind the mist wall on the far side. The mist wards, created by the local kvaldir, can only be penetrated by using the kvaldir’s magic against it.

You set off through the bog and a nearby, ghostly kvaldir settlement to steal the wards. I chose to sneak by the crocolisks with the Camoflouge talent.

The wards are guarded by Kvaldir Mistwarders–you can either kill them outright, or use Freezing Trap to freeze them while you steal the wards. After removing the wards, a defense system kicks in, marking the ground where lightning will strike. If the Mistwarders are frozen in place, they will be instantly killed by the lightning, although it does negligible damage to players.

You will also have to fight through some kvaldir sentries–you can use Harpoon to rapidly pull yourself up cliffs and over gaps to quickly dispatch them.

Once you have all the wards, you will take them back to Apata and Wuho, who will fashion them onto spears and repel through the mist wall with them. On the other side, Dakarr quickly makes itself known and sends its Illusory Stalkers after you. They will fade in and out of sight–you must use Flare to keep them visible.

The next task is to find and kill Dakarr. You will place traps throughout the bog, each time fighting off more Illusory Stalkers. When the wave of Stalkers is defeated and the trap laid, you will fight Dakarr down to a percentage of its health and follow it to the next spot. After the final trap is laid, a debuff called Heavily Corrupted Wounds will prevent you from healing past 50% health, although this debuff doesn’t seem to affect heals from being out of combat.

And, spoiler alert, Wuho and Apata both die–you must eventually carry on without them to the final fight in the beast’s lair.

The Dakarr fight includes keeping Flare up so it can’t hide, using your traps for extra damage (I chose Dragonfire Trap for one run through), and keeping up for DoT’s, such as LacerateSerpent Sting (if you chose the Talent), and A Murder of Crows. Burn through your Mongoose Strike charges to keep its debuff high. It’s a pretty simple and quick fight.

Once the beast is dead, the spear will be yours to claim in its cave. Dorro Hightmountain, presumably one of Apata and Wuho’s ancestors, appears to thank you for freeing his spirit and creates a portal back to Dalaran.

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