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Warlock Class Hall, Legion Alpha

by - 2 years ago

Today, we have a quick tour of the warlock Class Hall, Dreadscar Rift. Located on a Legion portal world, securing the Rift is a huge boon in the fight against the Burning Legion.

Dreadscar Rift brings with it the support of the Dreadscar demon hordes, although it seems that over the course of the warlock questing experience other allies will join the fight.

You will also have to gather the Council of the Black Harvest together again after near defeat against the pit lord Jagganoth.

For at least Ritssyn Flamescowl, this means resurrection. He, along with the others, will become some of your new followers for the expansion, working alongside you out on world quests and exploring warlock lore.

Below, you’ll find previews of both the hall and some of the questing experience to open it.

For more on Class Halls, see our previous coverage and the BlizzCon Class Hall presentation. Also, you may want to check out the Affliction warlock Artifact intro.

Warlock Class Hall Preview


Opening the Warlock Class Hall


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