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Exploring Azeroth: The Invasion Begins!

by - 2 years ago

Exploring Azeroth wanders delves into the hidden places of the world. From Deepholm to Highmountain, these articles are your guide off the beaten path.

Dimensional ships belonging to the Burning Legion have begun to appear in the skies of Azeroth, on the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha. Currently they aren’t doing much more than hovering there and looking menacing.

From the ground

The ships have only been spotted in one location – Deadwind Pass, directly above Karazhan – but I expect more to be added over time. My tactic of ‘Fly to areas with a strong Legion presence and hope to run into something interesting’ was ultimately fruitless.

Anyone who has played through or seen pictures from the Demon Hunter starting experience will be familiar with the ships’ appearance – they are identical to The Fel Hammer, the end of the starting zone. The only difference is that they are horizontal, rather than vertical.

The ships are in a very early state of development. Not only are there are no associated demons (although we eventually expect them to be thicker than flies on a corpse), they are also untextured – and have an invisible Dalaran directly below them. Shop signs and doodads, like fountains and weapon racks, are present, but the landscape is MIA. In case you were wondering, the ships are also missing from both new and old Dalarans.

Getting close enough to snap pictures was difficult, as flying ‘through’ this Dalaran dismounts you and sends you plummeting towards the earth – but going too far away means that you can’t fly high enough to get near the ships. Eventually I was able to tread the fine line between the two and snap some screenshots of the fleet.

Tom Allen

Malon (@ArcaneTactics) has been playing WoW since release and has been a raiding Mage throughout. He hates PvP, but enjoys making snide remarks about Warlocks.