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Duncan Jones Reveals Warcraft’s Stormwind

by - 3 years ago

Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft (out in June) tweeted some pictures of the Stormwind set last night. It looks like a fairly faithful reproduction of what we assume is the city’s main square, although there is an inn (The Woadside Inn) where the Auction House was pre-Cataclysm.

Also on show are shops, including a herbalist and a butcher, and a message board with posters advertising the Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Contest Extravagaza and Brewfest! Look closely and you’ll also see flyers offering rewards for kobold kills and a Wanted: Hogger advertisement.

The guard (we assume, because he looks to be wearing armour underneath that tunic) doesn’t appear very healthy, though. Could this be after a battle with the invading orcs?

The first TV advert for the film has also made its appearance! Watch it below.

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