• Duncan Jones Reveals Warcraft’s Stormwind

Duncan Jones Reveals Warcraft's Stormwind

by Malon on

Duncan Jones, director of Warcraft (out in June) tweeted some pictures of the Stormwind set last night. It looks like a fairly faithful reproduction of what we assume is the city’s main square, although there is an inn (The Woadside Inn) where the Auction House was pre-Cataclysm.

Also on show are shops, including a herbalist and a butcher, and a message board with posters advertising the Darkmoon Faire, Stranglethorn Fishing Contest Extravagaza and Brewfest! Look closely and you’ll also see flyers offering rewards for kobold kills and a Wanted: Hogger advertisement.

The guard (we assume, because he looks to be wearing armour underneath that tunic) doesn’t appear very healthy, though. Could this be after a battle with the invading orcs?

The first TV advert for the film has also made its appearance! Watch it below.