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Obtaining the Artifact: Doomhammer, Enhancement Shaman

by - 3 years ago

Today, we take a look at the Enhancement Shaman Artifact questline. The Enhancement Artifact, Doomhammer, has a rich history of Shaman and Warrior masters, typically of the Orc variety. Most recently, it was borne by Thrall, although (spoilers) he loses that privilege during the course of the questline.

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Forged in elemental lava on the orc homeworld of Draenor, this massive hammer is connected deeply with the elements, and its true power is only awakened in the hands of those who can speak to the elements in kind. The Doomhammer was long wielded by Orgrim Doomhammer, one of the greatest orc warriors of the Horde, and now rests with Thrall, one of the most powerful shaman Azeroth has ever known.

Doomhammer, Enhancement Shaman

Doomhammer, Enhancement Shaman

Shortly after landing near the Maelstrom, Geth’xun and a small incursion of demons crash down on the gathering. At the end of the confrontation, Geth’xun disarms Thrall, who finds himself unable to wield Doomhammer as he once did. As Thrall ponders the fallout of his decision to kill Garrosh on Draenor, you must follow after Geth’xun into the Maelstrom and through the depths of Deepholm.

After a couple encounters with familiar Deepholm baddies, you will find Doomhammer defending itself from the Dreadlord with a rock shield. Using your Shamanic powers, you can shatter the shield, take Doomhammer for yourself, and defeat the Dreadlord before he figures out how to procure it for the Legion.

In essence, the questline shows Thrall’s uncertainty in himself after his more recent choices, and how the elements react with a Shaman’s inner troubles and decisions.

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