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Transmog Wardrobe Preview, Legion Alpha

by - 2 years ago

Today, we take a look at new transmogrification features in World of Warcraft: Legion. This early, alpha version shows the Wardrobe, a new addition to player collections, that stores the appearances of every soulbound item you collect, as well as appearances of all completed quest options, enchantments, shirts, and tabards.

Note: The Wardrobe is different from the actual transmog interface you will see at transmog vendors. The Wardrobe primarily exists to create and select new Outfits, set favorited (starred) appearances, and see which appearances you have or still need to unlock. Both are seeing changes and will share many similarities, but the Wardrobe is currently the most updated interface. The vendor one is presumed to be the only one where actual changes can be purchased.

We also looked at new transmog features during BlizzCon. This will largely recap that information with new screenshots, video, and overviews.

Video Preview

New Transmog Options, Rules, and More

In case you missed them during BlizzCon, the new transmog rules and options have many players excited.

First, when Legion launches, every soulbound item you own will have its appearance unlocked, as well as every quest reward you’ve finished. Quest rewards you didn’t choose (but still completed) will also be unlocked.


Second, tabards, weapon enchantments, and shirts will now be available to mog. You can select these options via the interface like any other gear slot. Presumably, you will still have to find and collect these to unlock them. Although you will unlock appearances for every tabard you own, you might not want to throw away tabards with special effects.

Third, you will now be able to hide your shoulders via the shoulder slot options in the Wardrobe UI.

Wardrobe User Interface

The Wardrobe UI is pretty standard, but it does feature some cool new elements that we’re seeing throughout new Legion interfaces, such as the select icons along the top. Items you’ve collected and still need to find are shown in the main section, with your character preview on the right.

Warcraft Legion New Transmog System Wardrobe 6

  1. Select which type of gear to look at–enchantments are available via the scroll icon above your weapon
  2. Unsure what this drop-down will do–doesn’t work yet
  3. Search through items, presumably by name–this doesn’t work yet, it seems; filter option will allow you to specify appearances you have or haven’t collected, perhaps with other options
  4. Meter shows how many of the selected appearances you have collected–if you select helms, it will only count helms
  5. Page through your collection with the arrows
  6. Create or select an Outfit

Outfits are saved transmog sets. Once created with a custom name, you can select it to quickly change your entire look. You can also set an Outfit for each of your specializations, which will automatically change depending on with spec you’re in.

That pretty much wraps things up. Get ready for showtime, fashionistas!

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