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Exploring Draenor: Valkor/By Fire be…Merged?

by - 3 years ago

Exploring Draenor delves into the hidden places of the world that will one day become Outland. From the volcanic landscape of Frostfire to the gloomy dells of Shadowmoon, these articles are your guide to events that are off the beaten path.

Location: Magnarok, Frostfire Ridge

Reward: Magnaron Heart

We cross Draenor this week, away from Shadowmoon Valley and to the Horde’s starting zone, Frostfire Ridge – albeit the level 100 area of it, Magnarok.


Valkor is a huge magnaron – one of the primal ancestors of the gronn – patrolling around the lava pools in Magnarok. Despite his intimidating size and health pool (2.5 million), he is a very easy fight for ranged players, as he only has a single ability: Smash.

Valkor casting Smash

Smash has a long range: be careful not to get clipped by it, as it will deal very heavy damage – as much as 50% of your health pool – and send you flying backwards. However, if you can avoid the ability then Valkor can be kited between two points fairly easily, without aggroing other mobs. I used the area south of the large orange and black pillar in the middle of Magnarok. Sadly melee players don’t have nearly as easy a time, although will take less damage from the Smash.

Kite Valkor here

Once Valkor is dead (and, if you’re lucky, you have looted the Magnaron Heart), you can run to the bottom of the slope to the north. If you are on the Assault on Magnarok daily, an elemental called Firaga will be here offering you a quest: Rekindling an Old Flame. To get the achievement By Fire be…Merged?, you must run The Essence of Flame from the top of Magnarok, down the slope to Firaga – without mounting (no flying, cheater!), running into a tornado or having the Essence die out and having to re-light it from the pyres along the way.

The easiest way to do this achievment is, in fact, by cheating – despite what I said earlier. You can get around the ‘no flying’ rule using Aviana’s Feather and/or a Goblin Glider Kit, or – if you don’t have access to either – with the Skull of the Mad Chief. Instructions for how to get this useful item can be found in a previous Exploring Draenor.

You will drop the Essence if you enter combat with a mob, but it won’t continue to burn out while you’re fighting – so, if you don’t have any of the above items, try to speed boost yourself along and get into as many fights as possible while your boost is on cooldown.

Tom Allen

Malon (@ArcaneTactics) has been playing WoW since release and has been a raiding Mage throughout. He hates PvP, but enjoys making snide remarks about Warlocks.