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World of Warcraft Legion Mage Class Hall

Class Hall: Hall of the Guardian, Mage

by - 3 years ago

Today, we have a quick tour of the Mage Class Hall, Hall of the Guardian. To open the Class Hall, players must first do a little dirty work for Meryl Felstorm, previously Winterstorm, who was one of the founders of the Council of Tirisfal many years ago.

Opening the Hall of the Guardian

Felstorm is on the tracks of a dreadlord named Kathra’natir, who is hellbent on obtaining the Forge of the Guardian, recently secured in the Violet Hold right in Dalaran. The Forge is used to transfer the power of each preceding Guardian of Tirisfal into the latest one, which would make it quite the boon for the Burning Legion.

After securing the Forge, Felstorm and the ghost of Alodi take players high into the Hall of the Guardian, one of the spires overlooking Dalaran. The tower still has its protective spells in place, making it a suitable place to store the Forge–and to reform the Tirisgarde, with you as its champion.

The Hall needs some work, which Felstorm undertakes after you go off on your quest to obtain your first Mage Artifact. For the alpha, the only currently obtainable Mage Artifact is Felo’melorn, which you can read about here: Obtaining the Artifact: Felo’melorn, Fire Mage.

Complete Hall of the Guardian

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