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Exploring Draenor: Ba’ruun

by - 2 years ago

Exploring Draenor delves into the hidden places of the world that will one day become Outland. From the volcanic landscape of Frostfire to the gloomy dells of Shadowmoon, these articles are your guide to events that are off the beaten path.

Location: North Umbrafen, Shadowmoon Valley

Reward: Ba’ruun’s Bountiful Bloom

We branch out from Tanaan Jungle this week – although we’re nowhere near done with the rare spawns and vignettes in that zone, even after five months – to re-visit Shadowmoon Valley. If you’ve ever felt like you needed a pocket Mage, then this rare spawn is for you.


Ba’ruun is a fungal giant in the Umbrafen marsh, standing on an island where it empties into the Tanaan Channel. You will need to cross the waters of the Channel to reach him, avoiding the Shockscale Eeels as you do so.

As with most of the fungal giants found across Draenor and Outland, Ba’ruun’s abilities are heavily influenced by his surroundings – in this case, the massive mushrooms that make up the Umbrafen. Although not a difficult fight as such, you will want to end it quickly when engaging Ba’ruun at an appropriate level (low 90s), other Spoiling Spores will stack up quickly and finish the encounter for you.

Mushroom Growth

The mushrooms from Spoiling Spores are not Ba’ruun’s only source of vegetation. The creature will also plant them around his current target using Mushroom Spores, and detonate them using Mushroom Bloom. Obviously, you should move away before they (and you) are blown up. However, Ba’ruun’s final ability – Fungal Root – can make that a little tricky.

Mushroom Bloom

Tom Allen

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