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Relic Hunter’s Toybox: Druids of Legion, know thy neighbor

by - 3 years ago

You looking for something special? Got that new 100 that you want to stand out? Perhaps you want to disappear from sight? Never mind that shoddy looking oil lamp. What you need is a true treasure. Not sure where to start? Come with me, and I will show you some great items that will make your adventures that much grander. Join us weekly as we scour the lands of Azeroth and beyond for those special items. I, BLU3 the Relic Hunter, will be your guide to these mysterious items. Welcome to the Relic Hunter’s Toybox.

Ironbeard's Treasure

Looks like it is time to prepare for the toybox to relocate. A relic hunter goes where he can find the most exotic finds. With the rediscovery of the broken isles, it looks to be the new hot spot. We won’t be going it alone. Me and many of my druid brethren will also be making the move. I have been studying up on the druids and what all amazing resources we will have available to us. I will gladly share this info to make your move that much smoother.

Heart of Druidism


Welcome to your new home druids:  The Dreamgrove

In the ancient lands were druidism was first formed in Azeroth we find the Dreamgrove. It is here that barriers between our world and the dream are at it’s thinnest. You can literally feel the dream reshaping this area. Only those trained to deal with the powers of the dream will be able to enter. It is only fitting that this be the Druid class hall.



The weapons of the druid: Artifacts

Balance – Scythe of Elune

Balance Druids wield the Scythe of Elune, a weapon that demands a true understanding of what balance means. Those who are not strong enough are easily pulled by this magnificent weapon’s tides and become the mastered rather than the master.

Scythe of Elune

Scythe of Elune

This mystical artifact was created millennia ago from the Staff of Elune and a fang from the wolf demigod Goldrinn. The Scythe of Elune carries a long and unsettling history for druids: those who are not careful enough can easily be overwhelmed by Goldrinn’s spirit, which infuses the scythe. Tied to the origin of the worgen on Azeroth, the scythe is said to possess untold lunar power for the druid with balance enough to keep control.


Feral – Fangs of Ashamane

Feral Druids carry what is far more than a symbol of their fierce resilience in the Fangs of Ashamane. Infused with a primal power of old, they will serve well in the fight to come.

Fangs of Ashamane

Fangs of Ashamane

The massive gray panther Ashamane, one of the first Wild Gods, was one of many to answer the call of the demigod Cenarius and defend the world of Azeroth during the War of the Ancients. She fell in battle against the Legion, but saved countless lives in the process. A great shrine was built in her honor in Val’sharah, and her fangs were adorned and put on display there. It is said they still carry much of her power.


Guardian – Claws of Ursoc

Guardian Druids exemplify the term “force of nature.” With the Claws of Ursoc to aid them, they will become a formidable wall of fur and rage, withstanding any who dare face their might.

Claws of Ursoc

Claws of Ursoc

Forged from titansteel by the titanic watcher Keeper Freya, these claws were her gift to the great bear Ursoc, one of the Wild Gods. He wielded the claws in countless battles until his death during the War of the Ancients. Although his body faded away, the claws remained, and legends say a fragment of his spirit lingered within them. After wrestling the claws away from Ursoc’s furbolg followers, a band of druids took the claws to the Emerald Dream, sought out Ursoc’s spirit, and returned the claws to him for safekeeping.


Restoration – G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

Restoration Druids are great friends to nature and masters of the ways of healing. With a branch of G’Hanir, The Mother Tree in their grip, they stand ready to hold fast against any who dare disturb Azeroth’s stability.

G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

G’Hanir, the Mother Tree

This is a single branch taken from G’Hanir, the first tree, which was gifted to mortal druids by the demigod Aviana long ago. Its connection to the mystical Emerald Dream serves as a healing and stabilizing influence on the world of Azeroth. In recent times, druids have used this staff to hold back the corruption and madness of the Nightmare. As a result, satyrs within the Nightmare are desperate to see G’Hanir destroyed.


The Lost Druids:


Arch druid Elathir: He is Grand master treant form druid. You may be called upon to assist this ancient druid.

Grand Master Treant Archdruid Elathir Model


Cenarius: This Demi-god was Malfurions mentor. He is known as one of the most powerful druid figures in all of Azziroth. His great affinity to the dream has left him vulnerable to the corrupting powers of the Nightmare. Can he be saved or will he have to be put down?

Emerald Nightmare Raid Cenarius Boss


Places tied to Druid Lore:

Val’sharar: A densely forested druidic paradise. It is here that Malfurion first met with the demigod Cenarius, to learn the art of druidism. This is truly the birthplace of druids on Azeroth. Its strong tie to the dream has left it vulnerable and it has begun to be corrupted by the nightmare.

Val'sharah Slide



Shaladrassil: This is a fallen world tree. It was once used as a doorway to the dream. It has however been turned and twisted by the nightmare. It may be possible to use it to travel to the Emerald Nightmare to fix the corruption.

Shaladrassil as it appears in-game

Darkheart Thicket: Located at the base of Shaladrassil. It is the heart of the forest’s corruption. Rumors tell of a strong foe to the corruption being held deep within. Who could it be? Are you willing to brave the dangers to save this ally?

Darkheart Thicket


What lost relics await us? Glad you could join me! Keep your eyes open and your hands quick. You never know when you will see that next rare item. If you find any great items you want spotlighted feel free to leave a comment.


Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.