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Gnome Fans, Are You Paying Attention?

by - 3 years ago

There’s been a bit of fun chatter and speculation in the Twitterverse since last night when Jeremy Feasel (@muffinus) tweeted out one word: Soon.

This generally is associated with some sort of impending mega news drop. Since it didn’t include the usual “™” we’ve come to associate with “sometime between now and the end of time” we knew it would be happening sooner rather than later.

Today it seems our hopes and expectations for significant news have been realized with Alex Afrasiabi (Creative Director) apparently confirming that Gnome Hunters will be available in the future.

Not mentioned in the tweet but suspected based on the screenshot above is that there is the possibility for mechanical pets in the future with the addition of Gnome Hunters. In the image above there is a mechanical chicken placed where the hunter’s pet usually appears. This could just be a placeholder or it could be an indication of the Gnome’s starter pet.

Additions to race/class combinations are generally added during expansion launches so we may not see them until Legion, but it is definitely exciting news for fans of Gnomes and Hunters.

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Timothy Prine