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World of Warcraft: Artifact Ulthalesh, Deadwind Harvester

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Just revealed details on the Deadwind Harvester: Scythe created by Sargeras given to the first Necrolyte. It was what caused deadwind pass to become what it is now. It is an affliction warlock weapon.

deadwind Harvester

To acquire it you will have to storm a Legion fortress deep in the nether. You will get some information on some weapons including this one back on azeroth. You will follow the Deadwind Riders through Duskwood to catacombs below Karazahn. You will confront the deadwind riders’ leader to take this weapon and claim it as your own.

The weapon itself is a soul stealer. You will gain power from your fallen enemies. Occasionally boosts to your spells. The spirits of the dead are restless though and occasionally one will escape. This escaped soul is easily reaped, giving you all the benefits as if you recently dispatched an enemy.

Artifact Traits

Abilities that can be unlocked with artifact power. Artifact power can be earned by doing all sorts of activities. You won’t have to do any single type of activity.

Unleash Harvester: One of the first abilities you can unlock is a super DoT. You release the souls of your victims and send forth these angry spirits to raise hell upon your enemy. This long lasting and powerful, great for raid bosses.

choices between AoE and single target minor traits.

Healthstone can become a full heal and you can get health back when anyone in your party uses a healthstone

Soul flame when you kill an enemy he bursts into flame causing AoE damage

Soul flame

You will be able to eventually unlock all your traits. Your weapon will continue to grow.


It may also grow due to the affect of Relics. Relics can be socketed into your artifact. This will increase its Item level as well as giving you bonus rancks in trait above what you can unlock with artifact power. These relics will take many forms and traits. This will let you personalize your artifact to your playstyle. Each artifact has certain slots. So an artifact can’t use all relics. Deadwind harvester has a shadow slot and a fel slot.


At some point in your travels you will be given the chance to Upgrade you weapon. This will happen sometime at max level in the open world, dungeons and other modes.


This will unlock an addition relic slot and a new model for your artifact.

new form

you will continue to be able to unlock more forms. These can be achieved in a variety of ways ranging from pvp, pve, and even faction quests. You can also unlock color variations. This can take on many forms. Achievements, finishing questing in certain zones, killing certain rares with a history with your artifact, and even visiting certain locations tied to your artifact.

more forms



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