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Raid Mechanics: Helfire Citadel

by - 3 years ago

Hellfire Citadel has been out for some time now and I would like to give my first impressions on it.


The first night I began progress on Hellfire Citadel we started in Heroic, as this was the difficulty my guild was clearing in Blackrock Foundry. After many failed attempts at Hellfire Assault we decided to go down to normal and were able to clear the first few bosses. We were stuck in a difficulty limbo, because the first few bosses in normal felt too easy but were too hard in heroic.


As we kept progressing the difficulty did ramp up. I am guessing that with the item level scaling with drops the bosses are also intended to get harder. The fights are all very different and have very interesting mechanics. I really like Gorfiend for example, using deaths as a an integral part of the fight was interesting and made sense considering Gorfiend devours souls.


The atmosphere in Hellfire  Citadel is reminiscent of Black Temple and I really like it. Blackrock Foundry felt a lot like Siege of Ogrimmar 2.0 and the setting became stale pretty fast. Highmaul was a breath of fresh air but it became an irrelevant instance the moment BRF came out. I think Blizzard should try to be more varied with their settings because there is so much stabbing orc butts in a cavern I can take for a year.

What are your opinions on Hellfire Citadel so far? Do you think the setting is better than Blackrock Foundry? I would love to read your opinions in the comments bellow.

Julio Matheo Gavilano