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SDCC2015 – Warcraft Movie Update – Trailer Reveal in November

by - 5 years ago

The Warcraft Movie was at the San Diego Comic Con in a big way this weekend as Legendary Pictures along with Duncan Jones made a big splash on the convention floor. We got some new movie posters showing off some of the characters, we got a VR flying simulation over Stormwind, we got a new Warcraft Movie Website, and we got to see some of the props from Weta that went into the film.

However, instead of being happy with what we did get, fans that weren’t able to attend the convention or the panel are upset because the “promised” trailer wasn’t shown to the public. A lot of this stems from the words that Entertainment Weekly used that there would be a huge public reveal for the Warcraft movie and that led a lot of us, myself included, to infer this meant we would see a trailer to the public. Instead what happened is the people in the panel got to see some footage from the movie but it wasn’t in a trailer format – this means it was a con exclusive and would not be made public.

While this is disappointing, it has some fans rather angry  and claiming that because of this they won’t see the movie. I won’t comment about how ridiculous it sounds that someone is upset that they didn’t get to see something they were so excited about that because they didn’t get to see it NOW they will refuse to watch the thing they are excited about. We’re still a little less than a year from the film’s release date in June 2016.

The footage shown started out with Durotan and Orgrimm discussing their world and how times are tough. They don’t have enough food and need to find a solution. Another scene showed Durotan talking with his pregnant wife and trying to figure things out. They build a portal with the help of Medivh and enter the portal. It then switches to the human side where King Llane wonders if these orcs are a threat to them and whether they should attack them and start a war or not. The scene ends with a battle.

Duncan Jones however has confirmed that the trailer will be revealed to ALL the public in November. He did not say BlizzCon, but there is a good chance that might be it.

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