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Raid Mechanics: Overview of Blackrock Foundry

by - 3 years ago

With patch 6.2 coming out next week we are saying goodbye to progression through Blackrock Foundry. This tier had its good and bad moments and with this article I would like to examine Blackrock Foundry and its impact in the game.



Blackrock Foundry has very mechanic heavy fights. This is good because it leads to more interestingly designed encounters. It is very hard to just brute force yourself through this raid and you have to learn fights in order to progress. At the start this was very fun but it got very tiring, specially when you are stuck on a specific fight. The final bosses of wings were taxing when doing progression.


Blackrock Foundry is non linear and this has not been the case for raids for over an expansion. It was refreshing to have options as to which bosses to do. Each wing had a dose of easy and hard fights so most raid groups could pick and chose which fights they would go to. If you are having trouble with a specific boss you could always go do a different wing and try your luck on a different boss.


The biggest problem I saw in Blackrock Foundry was the difficulty curve with the later bosses of the instance. No one would ever do a wing in order because a fight like Blast Furnace is not even close to the level of something like Beast Lord. I think that this and the ability to run multiple difficulties a week made many people just burn out. Raiding is mostly about the thrill of killing new bosses. When you have hundreds of wipes on a boss but have been clearing the rest of the instance pretty easily, the frustration adds up.


Overall I think Blackrock Foundry was a great raid but I am glad it is over now and we can look forward to fresh new bosses to kill. A change of environment from killing mostly orcs is welcomed at this point.
What are your thoughts on Blackrock Foundry? Did you enjoy the raid? I would love to read your thoughts on the comments bellow.

Julio Matheo Gavilano