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Warcraft Trailer Premiere Shown Before Jurassic World?

by - 3 years ago

Legendary Pictures has a big blockbuster movie coming out on June 12 with Jurrasic World. What better way to advertise your blockbuster movie for 2016 than to show it’s trailer at the beginning?

That’s right, it looks like in a couple short weeks the Warcraft trailer will finally be revealed to the world. According to the website projectionlist the Warcraft teaser trailer will be shown before the movie Jurassic World in theaters. Now this isn’t a full movie trailer, this is a teaser trailer. It could be something similar to the 30 second clip we got with the new Star Wars movie a couple months back. I think it’s likely to be the teaser trailer that we got to see at BlizzCon 2014, but finished.

Chances are the trailer will probably also be on the internet that same day without having to go to the movie theaters to see it. But seriously, why wouldn’t you want to go see Jurrasic World anyway?

It looks like the full movie trailer is projected to be shown at the beginning of the new Star Wars movie which is releasing December 18. 2015.

As a reminder the Warcraft movie is slated to release June 10, 2016.

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