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6.2 PTR Patch Notes – May 26th Update

by - 3 years ago

Rygarius has updated the 6.2 Patch Note blog with the most recent set of updates available for testing on the PTR.

As always, items marked in BOLD are updates or changes, ITALIC items are removed items, and strikethrough items are remnants from Blizzard’s notes and are the same as italicized items.

A few items of note:

  • Bonus rolls can be used in dungeons set to Mythic difficulty.
  • The Personal Loot improvements noted in the blog post here are being implemented.
  • Highmaul and Blackrock are receiving their traditional nerfs, which should allow raid teams to get a leg up into the next tier of content. Along with the nerfs come the removal of the Ahead of the Curve achievements for these raids.

As should always be remembered with patch notes and items on the PTR: These are a work in progress and are always subject to change based on the outcome of testing.

Originally Posted by Rygarius (Official Post)

New Dungeon Difficulty: Mythic

  • All Mythic dungeon bosses offer a chance to use a bonus roll using a Seal of Inevitable Fate (the new bonus roll currency).

Raids and Dungeons

Personal Loot

Personal Loot Mode Improvements

  • Increased overall drop rates on Personal Loot mode and defeating a boss now awards a fixed number of items based on eligible group size.
    • Example: For a party of five players, Dungeon bosses are now guaranteed to drop at least 1 item with a chance for 2 items to drop. The final boss of the Dungeon will now drop 2 items with a chance for 3 items to drop.
  • The raid or party now sees when someone in the group wins an item on Personal Loot.
  • The last Dungeon boss on non-Personal Loot mode received an adjustment and now drops 2 items (down from 3 items).
  • Learn more about Personal Loot mode improvements and other changes to itemization in the blog: Dev Watercooler – Itemization in 6.2.

Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry Changes

  • A raid-wide debuff has been added to reduce damage dealt by all creatures and NPCs in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty.
  • The achievements, Ahead of the Curve: Imperator’s Fall and Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand’s Crucible are no longer obtainable.


Pet Battles



  • New recipes for mass milling of Draenor herbs have been added, allowing 20 herbs to be milled at once.


General Item Changes

  • New zoning laws prevent the placement of temporary tents created via Leatherworking in capital cities.

Bug Fixes


  • Scholomance: Defeating Instructor Chillheart too quickly should no longer cause ice barriers on the stairs to continue to deal damage after the encounter.




  • Prismatic Crystal is now also attackable by the Mage’s pets or guardians.



  • Lava Surge now lasts for 10 seconds (up from 6 seconds).


Armor Sets

  • PvP 4-piece set bonus for Destruction Warlocks has been redesigned. It now causes Incinerate to deal 50% 25% more damage on targets affected by the Warlock’s Immolate.

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