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To the ground, baby! (Patch 6.1.2 Hotfixes, May 11th)

by - 3 years ago

Well well well. It seems the overlords at Blizzard have seen fit to nerf Paladins yet again. As a writer I’m supposed to remain unbiased, but as a Paladin, this is just obscene! This talent is —

*cough* Please disregard the ranting above.

Blizzard has released a new set of hotfixes for Patch 6.1.2. There’s two changes to Paladins which seem mostly relevant to PvP, and a fix to Blood-Soaked Invitations which should fix the issue where they are no longer usable by characters which undergo a faction change with one in their bag.

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  • Hand of Freedom is no longer usable while stunned.


  • Glyph of Denounce is now removed completely by dispel effects (dispel effects used to only remove one stack at a time).

Bug Fixes

  • Blood-Soaked Invitations should now convert into the correct Horde equivalent for Alliance characters performing a faction transfer.

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Timothy Prine