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Patch 6.1.2 – April 28th Hotfixes

by - 3 years ago

Welcome back to the hotfix blog, where today we’ve got fixes for Warlock spells, Legendary quests (yay, fewer guards!) and an achievement fix for everyone’s FAVORITE holiday week.

Before you ask, no there haven’t been any changes to ‘School of Hard Knocks’. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

There was also a fix to a quest in the Southern Barrens: Rageroar Rowboats (needed for the quest ‘Run Out the Guns’) should continue to spawn.

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  • General
    • Fellhunter’s Spell Lock ability and the version of Spell Lock obtained through Grimoire of Sacrifice should now correctly share a cooldown with each other.


Legendary Ring Quest Line

  • An Inside Job: Reduced the number of guards present and amount for health on all guards in the quest area.

Southern Barrens

  • Run Out the Guns: Rageroar Rowboats should now continue to spawn.

Bug Fixes


  • Home Alone can now be completed using alternate versions of a Hearthstone such as The Innkeeper’s Daughter or Garrison Hearthstone.

That’s all for today, so good luck and have fun this week!

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Timothy Prine