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Two Pets, One Carry

by - 3 years ago

“Two pets, one carry” is a common phrase in the world of pet battles.

It means to carry a low level pet to victory against an opponent that is much stronger, which will reward your lowbie pet with a good chunk of experience points. It’s the most efficient way of leveling battle pets, especially if you battle NPC Pet Tamers (the pet challenges in the Garrison Menagerie used to be an excellent way of leveling low level pets, but as of patch 6.1 that is unfortunately no longer the case). The key to being successful is to rotate in the low level pet during a round when there’s little to no chance of it being killed and then you rotate it out again.

Although leveling pets is the most common reason for using the “two pets, one carry”-strategy, the second most common reason is of course that there are achievements to be earned, namely Overstuffed and An Awfully Big Adventure. The latter also rewards a pet: Trunks. Since the Elekk Plushie pet has no abilities that do damage it needs to be carried against all opponents.


The third reason for using the “two pets, one carry”-strategy is … well, because you can. And while you’re at it, why not make it a little bit more interesting? Like Madmartigan (US-Skullcrusher) has done. In a post on the official forums the pet battling paladin has detailed not only how to beat all the Draenor trainers with two pets instead of three, but how to beat them all by using the same two pets: the Sprite Darter Hatchling and Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.

Is it possible?

I’ve tested it, and the answer is yes. Yes, it is.

Head on over to the official forums and read Madmartigan’s post, and then try for yourself. It’s great fun!