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The Draenei, the Monk and the Wardrobe: Moonwillow Peak

by - 3 years ago

The Draenei, the Monk and the Wardrobe is a recurring installment of World of Warcraft transmogrification tales. Join us as we eye every seam, embroidery, and color scheme down to the last button. Do not be dissuaded by the title; DMW loves all classes and races!

The perpetual moonlight gently caresses the foliage of the hollow tree atop Moonwillow Peek. Inside the tree, a mistweaver monk is wading into the shallow spring to wash the dust off her face.

Fatigue is seeping into her bones—into her very core—but the Iron Horde does not rest. This night, however, she will. The battle will have to wait until the morrow.

Small fireflies lights up her path as she turns to make her way back to her garrison.








Head: Crown of the Forest Lord
Shoulders: Hide of Chromaggus
Back: —
Chest: Thunderlord Chestguard
Hands: Embossed Leather Gloves
Waist: Girdle of Unconquered Glory
Legs: Thunderlord Leggings
Feet: Thunderlord Sabatons
Main Hand: Karabor Starsinger Staff
Off Hand: —

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