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Garrison Menagerie Pet Battle Guide: Eleanor

by - 3 years ago

There are goats.


And then there are undead goats.


In a category all on its own we find the fashionably undead goats.

Or goat.

Because there isn’t anyone quite like Eleanor.

And this week, she’s going to show us the beauty of the ChrominiusPandaren Water Spirit synergy.

There are many ways to beat Eleanor (most of them involving really fast bunnies or foxes), but this is the way I do it. It’s not innovative, but it’s effective. Quick and dirty. Just like this guide.


As you can see, I’ve thrown in an Unborn Val’kyr for ‘shits and giggles’ (as my British raid leader would say), but all you need is Chrominius and the Pandaren Water Spirit.

Start with the Pandaren Water Spirit and cast Geyser. Eleanor will use Death Bleat for the first time. Proceed with Whirlpool, and watch as Eleanor unleashes a mournful bleat and one-shots your water spirit. Bring out Chrominius and use Howl. Eleanor will use Rot on you and then you can finish her off with Surge of Power.

To recap:

Pandaren Water Spirit:

Geyser >> Whirlpool


Howl >> Surge of Power



There are also space goats, but that’s an entirely different story.