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New Cindermane Charger Mount

by - 3 years ago

In a news post from Blizzard this morning, they have officially confirmed that the Cindermane Charger recently teased on Twitter is now available from the Recruit-a-Friend program.

For those who may not be aware: For each friend you recruit to World of Warcraft you have the opportunity to not only play with your friends but get additional rewards along the way. Once you send your friend a referral link their account provides rewards to you, the referrer.

Along with 90 days of boosted experience gains when you are in a party with your friend, when they pay for their first full month of game time (after the initial 30-day subscription provided with the game purchase) the referrer earns a free month of World of Warcraft. When the referred friend pays for their second month, the referrer (you) earn your choice of one of several mounts or pets.

The recruited friend also has the ability to grant levels to your account, with certain limitations.

Previous Recruit-a-Friend mounts have included the Swift Zhevra, the X-53 Touring Rocket, the Heart of the Nightwing, and the Emerald Hippogryph. Each of these mounts can be used to transport two players around Azeroth, which makes leveling that much faster.

For more information about the new Cindermane Charger mount or the Recruit-a-Friend program, check out the full post below or the original post from Blizzard here!

We’ve just added a new reward to the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) reward stables—the incendiary Cindermane Charger. Found on the remote fragmented islands of the Firelands, these smoldering steeds run with the fury of Ragnaros—perfect for blazing a trail across Azeroth and Draenor.

The Cindermane Charger is only available through the RAF program, so get to recruiting now to earn your new mount!

[youtube id='DZ30PogUoTo']Learn more about the Recruit-A-Friend program here.

Timothy Prine