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Relic Hunter’s Toybox: The Goren Egg

by - 3 years ago

You looking for something special? Got that new 100 that you want to stand out? Perhaps you want to disappear from sight? Never mind that shoddy looking oil lamp. What you need is a true treasure. Not sure where to start? Come with me, and I will show you some great items that will make your adventures that much grander. Join us weekly as we scour the lands of Azeroth and beyond for those special items. I, BLU3 the Relic Hunter, will be your guide to these mysterious items. Welcome to the Relic Hunter’s Toybox.

Draenor is a treasure hunter’s dream(or nightmare). You have to look everywhere, or you risk missing a treasure. Where to start in this brand new land? The land… Of course the Goren vs. the Botani.  If you had to pick, what side would you choose? This week we will explore the Goren relics.



The Goren are the embodiment of cute menace. You could say they are to Draenor, what the Murloc are to Azeroth. You can find them nearly everywhere rolling in packs, mindlessly attacking. From what could be learned from their behavior, they want nothing more then to make Draenor nothing but a wasteland full of rocks. They see plant life as invaders to their pristine paradise. It is easy to see why their most hated enemies, are the Botani and there plant allies.

They say ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ Well in this case, it is a survival tactic. The Goren are more apt to hack and slash you to pieces if you don’t look like them. The Goren Garb will accomplish this trick. You can find it inside a Warm Goren egg. You will have to hold onto it for 7 days. Once it hatches you can then ..mrmgfmngf.. and then you ..ewjhrjtbnvw. and finally you are left with your very own Goren suit. Simple wasn’t it.

Warm Goren Egg


The goren aren’t know for using weapons. However, no matter how good you did with you Goren Garb, it still won’t slice and chew like the real Goren do. So that begs the question, what weapon won’t be out of place. I suggest Char’s Flaming Fist. Nothing screams Goren, more then dragging a dead tree’s severed limb around, while it still is on fire. This weapons screams I will burn all plant monsters down, with the flaming remains of your brethren. Savage, I know, but we are dealing with the Goren. You will want to find Char the Burning, once he has been defeated you will need to… well I think you can figure this one out.

Char the Burning

Char the Burning


If you truly want to learn about the Goren, I suggest getting an Ore eater pet. This cute little guy is the finishing piece to your own duo of destruction. You can Goren-nap him from Goren Protector. The Goren Protector will randomly show up when you’re mining in Draenor. Don’t worry if you aren’t a miner, he will also show up in your garrison mine nodes as well.  Once you have your own little guy he seems oblivious, to the fact that you stole him from his rightful guardian.  That is as long as you keep giving him plenty of the good rock candy.

Goren at the Mine

Goren at the Mine


Well it is a rocky life joining up with the Goren. If you are green with envy then check us out next time as we investigate the Botani relics.

Savage Goren

Savage Goren


Glad you could join me! Keep your eyes open and your hands quick. You never know when you will see that next rare item. If you find any great items you want spotlighted feel free to leave a comment.

Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.