Garrison Inn / Tavern Quests Will Require Final Boss Be Defeated

by jenstar on         follow healercds

If you are tired of queuing for the new Warlords of Draenor heroics, only to have the tank and/or healer leave after picking up the quest item for the Garrison Lunarfall Inn or Frostwall Tavern, you are in luck.  Blizzard is hotfixing these quests to also require the player to kill the final boss in the instance, in addition to picking up the quest item.

We’re aware of this behavior and have been working on a hotfix that’s currently being tested to address this. To encourage players to stick around, quests received from the Garrison Inn will receive an additional condition to defeat the final boss of the instance.

It has been a major problem this expansion where DPS will sit in queue, sometimes for more than an hour, only to see the tank or healer leave after picking up the required Inn quest item.  Then they are stuck waiting even more time for another tank or healer so they can do the instance.  So essentially many DPS were waiting twice as long to do a heroic, because of these quests.

No word on when the hotfix will go live, but hopefully the pain players are facing with these Garrison quests will shortly be a thing of the past!