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The Draenei, the Monk and the Wardrobe: Challenge À La Mode

by - 4 years ago

The Draenei, the Monk and the Wardrobe is a recurring installment of World of Warcraft transmogrification tales. Join us as we eye every seam, embroidery, and color scheme down to the last button. Do not be fooled by the title; DMW loves all classes and races!

Welcome to the Restaurant at the End of the Expansion! Please take a seat. Our specials tonight include Sautéd Murloc with just a hint of Peacebloom, Singed Talbuk Stag with Aged Yolk Sufflé, and for dessert we have some lovely Savory Deviate Delights. Would you like an aperitif? We have a very good vintage of Darkmoon Special Reserve. Maybe a little Aged Dalaran Sharp to go with the wine? Come! Sit down, and enjoy the view. We expect the expansion to end any minute now. It should be a glorious show.

It’s true, we’re in the end-of-the-expansion-funk. We’ve been laying siege to Ogrimmar for almost a year now. Heck, we’ve actually conquered it a few times over. There really isn’t much to do besides watching tumbleweeds slowly roll across the farmland in the Valley of the Four Winds.

Unless you’ve been bitten by the transmog bug, that is. Because for the mog addict there’s always a new piece of good looking gear to hunt down. So why not kill two birds with one stone and finish off those Challenge Modes AND get a one-of-a kind transmog set while you’re at it?

That is exactly what Ichi the Beloved has done. But he has spiced up the original set in order to create a truly unique look for his retribution paladin. In fact, he’s so skilled with that sword that he doesn’t need much armor at all, but the armor that he does have on is pretty spectacular.

Paladin Challenge À La Mode 




Color Scheme


Head: Furious Gizmatic Goggles
Shoulders: Shoulderplate of the Holy Warrior
Chest: Vanguard Breastplate
Hands: Gauntlets of the Holy Warrior
Belt: Girdle of the Holy Warrior
Legs: Vanguard Legplates
Boots: Greatboots of the Holy Warrior
Weapon: Abaddon

Do you have an awesome outfit that you’d like to share with the world? Send screenshots to me and I might feature them here! E-mail: edge@blizzpro.com. Make sure your screenshots are unedited and uncropped, and that you send me a list of the gear featured in your pictures.