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WoW Coming to Consoles? Warlords Release Date Leaked?

by - 5 years ago

We’re in that part of the WoW expansion hype where all kinds of crazy rumors and speculation pop up. The official Blizzard forums are full of people linking things that they claim are leaks and will beat their drums with others and point at them and go “Look! This is true because the internet says so!”

So let’s take a look at a couple of the big ones that have hit this past week and let’s see how valid they are.

WoW is Coming to Xbox One – NewEgg Leaked It

This one is my favorite one so far because we haven’t heard ANYTHING about WoW coming to consoles and you would think that would be a HUGE feature the team would want to hype up for this expansion. But apparently NewEgg put out some Warlords of Draenor Xbox Live Credit and this has sent the internet ablaze with rumors that Warlords of Draenor is coming to the Xbox One. I personally love the speculation that this is the reason for the recent stat squish and why they’re reducing the number of skills needed so that they can fit everything onto a controller and this is now the moment everyone has been waiting for.


I mean, having NewEgg leak something that has been so secret that no one else has heard about it – a retailer that gets the information before everyone else and is actually trusted with it? That makes total sense, right?

If people would stop and think about it though, why would Blizzard, a company that is very secretive trust ANYONE outside of Blizzard with confidential information? Here’s the answer for you: They won’t. I don’t think once in the history of ever have we seen a retailer actually leak something. Instead they usually come from datamining or some employee who was entrusted with that information that told their friends about it and it got out in the wild.

Now that’s not to say that having WoW on a console would be pretty cool. I know there are definitely some days I would prefer to sit on my couch in the living room and idly jump around whatever city everyone will be hanging out in in the expansion while waiting for my raid to start or LFG to start, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

This is more than likely an intern at NewEgg who entered the wrong code for Warlords of Draenor PC game and accidentally put in the code for Xbox Live in the process. I imagine it will get fixed Monday.

Even community manager Rygarius has debunked this and has taken to Twitter to ask NewEgg to fix it:

Brady Games Leaks Warlords Release Date: September 23, 2014

Brady Games puts out game guides for games. To this day it has always surprised me that people would do this when they can freely find such information on the internet and it even surprises me more with MMOs since the information in a book becomes seriously outdated the moment it is released.

However, Brady Games has made available their pre-order for their Warlords of Draenor guides and they have a release date of September 23, 2014. This is currently showing up on Amazon which if you look up Warlords of Draenor on Amazon it has a release date of December 20, 2014. I remember a few months back people flipped out about the December 20 date when that happened claiming that was the release date Blizzard gave Amazon – of course those same people have since forgotten and have now jumped on the Brady Games train claiming September 23 is the date.

Here’s a hint folks, both of these dates are false. In order to sell something, you need a release date. When there is currently no announced release date you just give an estimate date – such as Fall 2014. Do you notice something similar about September 23 and December 20? September 23 is the first day of Fall 2014 and December 20 is the last day of Fall 2014. Chances are the date given to retailers was Fall 2014 so the person entering the date put either the first day or last day of fall.

So, chances are, you will probably see Warlords of Draenor sometime in the fall of 2014, and that completely depends on if Blizzard doesn’t hit any snags on the way.

In the future though, please don’t trust retailer dates. Blizzard at this point probably doesn’t even know when the exact release date will be as it’s something they don’t announce until they are 100% certain they can hit that date (which usually gets announced close to 2 months before release).

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JR Cook

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4 responses to “WoW Coming to Consoles? Warlords Release Date Leaked?”

  1. Quincyanna Jones says:

    When preordering at LameStop, they give a release date of January 2015. September sounds far more likely and considerably more appealing. I can’t take much more of Siege of Orgrimmar.

  2. Mark Flores says:

    The thing is Blizzard already annouced there will be a blizzcon this year. so heres the problem….. Blizzard has never been one to interrupt progression. so i dont see WoD releasing before then. even tho Blizzcon isnt just WoW it is one of the biggest games it hosts.

    • Gustav Andreasson says:

      Do you really think they’d show another SoO live raid at Blizzcon, though? They probably want the top guilds to be done with the first tier of raiding when Blizzcon hits. I think September is when we’ll see 6.0, and early October WoD.

      • Johnn says:

        No way. Blizzard is always takes the time to release games. They want them to be perfect. They never go by hard deadlines like blizzcon would set. The pre patch? maybe…

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