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Arcane Reforger NPC on the Grand Expedition Yak Gets a New Job

by - 4 years ago

When Blizzard announced they were removing arcane reforging from the game, many people were wondering what would happen to Mystic Birdhat <Arcane Reforger> on the Grand Expedition Yak. After all, players paid 120,000 gold for a mount that had a reforger, otherwise, many players could have made due with the much cheaper vendor mount, the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth from Wrath instead.

Well, good news everyone, Mystic Birdhat hasn’t been ditched for a new NPC (after all, many of us still giggle at his colorful dialogue, such as “Your yak is in another stable”).  Mystic Birdhat has simply changed with the times and learned a new skill – Transmogrification!


He cannot currently be used for transmogrifying on the Alpha yet, however when you mouseover his title, you see it has been changed from “Arcane Reforger” to “Transmogrifier”.


Blizzard had previously said they thought the arcane reforger on the mount would become a transmogrifier, and will make things a bit easier for those who like to grind for transmog sets when they can transmog their new pieces without having to go back to a capital city.