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Warlords of Draenor Alpha: New Ghost Wolf Form

by - 6 years ago

As I took my first tentative steps on Draenor with my newly made Orc shaman I noticed that not only does she have amazing facial expressions, but she is also sporting a brand new ghost wolf form!

This is a much needed cosmetic change, and it includes both the original ghost wolf form, and the Glyph of Spectral Wolf. Personally, I love the new form; I’ve wanted this ever since I made my first shaman some five years ago. The only thing I might remark upon is that the Draenor ghost wolf form is a little bit front heavy with a slightly too large head. On the other hand it does resemble those mammals, now long since extinct, that wandered the Earth during the last ice age, which fits perfectly with the savage and primal theme of Warlords of Draenor.

Ghost wolf_standing

Have a look in the gallery below to see all the different animations of the new form!

Ghost wolf_dancing Ghost wolf_jumping Ghost wolf_lying Ghost wolf_scratching

Ghost wolf_sitting Ghost wolf_sniffing Ghost wolf_spectral wolf Ghost wolf_standing




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  1. Brandon TheDip Ryan says:

    Wow big improvement!

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