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Warlords of Draenor Alpha Round-Up: Day 6, Second Wave of Alpha Invites Out

by - 4 years ago

Welcome back to another Warlords of Draenor Alpha Round-up! First off, sorry Sunday sort of missed the cut–to make up for it, we’ll be looking at a little more content today from around the web.

Second off, we’re excited to share Crow’s latest alpha theorycraft article, this time focused on garrison follower abilities:

Third off, it looks like another round of Warlords alpha invites went out today–make sure to check your Battle.net account and registered email to see if you made it!

And last, if you happen to have gotten into the Warlords alpha, we would be excited to share your thoughts, pictures, and videos! Feel free to comment them below.

Warlords Articles

Here’s a handful of Warlords alpha articles discussing interface updates, class skills, garrisons, and more:

Warlords Tweets



Items/Vanity Items/Toys



  • Is it just me, or is it hard to get into the Warlords story/characters if you started with WC3 and haven’t read the books? I feel like the > @Lhivera
  • > story up to this point was a lot more accessible and relatable. There was stuff for those more familiar with older lore, but it didn’t > @Lhivera
  • > feel nearly so necessary to appreciating what’s going on as it does this time around. @Lhivera
  • To be fair, I haven’t gone very far (due to stability issues I mentioned yesterday, which are of course expected in an alpha). Maybe it… @Lhivera
  • …gets more accessible/relatable further along. But so far my impression is that this is a story by and for people who are far more familiar… @Lhivera
  • …with old characters from twenty year old lore than I am. @Lhivera
  • I realize, of course, that there were a lot of old lore characters in Wrath. But I never felt like unfamiliarity with them limited access… @Lhivera
  • …to the story. Those characters were an extra cool thing for people who knew them, not an obstruction for those who didn’t. @Lhivera
  • Here I’m feeling like I won’t really get this story w/o the background, & I have no desire to read books as supporting material for a game. @Lhivera
  • .@jnsplace It may be better alliance-side, once they open it up, since that’s almost got to be new lore, if it’s focusing more on Draenei. @Lhivera














User Interface



Warlords Videos

Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Horde Garrison Preview – FATBOSS (Tank Hard)

Warlords of Draenor Alpha: UI Updates and New Features – FATBOSS (Tank Hard)

Other Videos

Warlords Pictures


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