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Players Will Be Able to Access Old LFR Raids & Scenarios for Transmog

by - 4 years ago

If you love the look of some of the old LFR gear, such as LFR re-colors of Dragon Soul loot, you are in luck. There are plans for players to be able to go back for loot that is either inaccessible now or will be inaccessible once Warlords of Draenor drops according to WatcherDev.


Because Dragon Soul was the first ever LFR released by Blizzard, it seemed that the tier artwork to differentiate between LFR, Regular and Heroic tier pieces was quite dramatic.  As a result, there are some very unique colorings in LFR Dragon Soul that have not been attainable since Cataclysm.

WatcherDev tweeted a pic that seems to hint at Storyteller NPCs that players can talk to in order to access old Scenarios, Heroic Scenarios and Raid.  The three NPCs, Lorewalker Fu <Scenario Storyteller>, Lorewalker Shin <Heroic Scenario Storyteller> and Lorewalker Han <Raid Storyteller>, are all brand new NPCs to the game, although there have been other NPCs with both the name Shin and Han in Pandaria.


They are standing in the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in the place where Archaeologists place their Pristine Thunder King Insignia and Pristine Gold-Inlaid Porcelain Funerary Figurine on display.  You can also (barely) see Lorewalker Cho in the background.

Curious what Tier 13 LFR looks like for your class?  MMO-Champion has images of LFR, Normal and Flex tier from Dragon Soul next to each other – simply click the class tier headshots to display the full image for all three.

This will be especially nice for those who main switch or are just looking for something a little bit different from what everyone else has.  Hopefully this becomes available in 6.0 rather than in Warlords of Draenor launch, as it will give players something new to do while waiting for the new expansion. The fact that the NPCs are currently residing in the Seat of Knowledge (rather than in a capital city or in the new Outlands) hints that 6.0 will be when players can access them.