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Mistweaver Monk Edition

by - 4 years ago

The Draenei, the Monk and the Wardrobe is a recurring installment of World of Warcraft transmogrification tales. Join us as we eye every seam, embroidery, and colour scheme down to the last button. Do not be fooled by the title; we will certainly take a look at transmogrifications for all classes and races.

Transmogrification has grown into a lot more than a simple way of giving your gear an aesthetically pleasing look. It has become a miniature game within the game; players spend a lot of time and effort in order to farm the right sets, and they earn gold by the thousands selling coveted and rare pieces. Transmogrification is a way of denoting identity and expressing creativity in a world that is very homogenous and that leaves few choices for character customization.

This week’s column will focus on the monk class, specifically two completely different approaches to how to transmogrify a monk and still keep the overall feeling of the class. Jade green is the color of the monk and I’ve tried to keep that in mind while putting together these outfits.

The Feral Jungle Monk

As soon as I found out that the draenei race would be able to become monks in Mists of Pandaria I decided right there and then that I needed to roll one. I even farmed leather in Winterspring — months before the expansion was released — in order to craft certain leather pieces that prior to MoP had been mere daydreams for a draenei.



Color Scheme


HEAD: Eye of Rend
SHOULDERS: Riverblade (recolor)
CHEST: Warbear Harness
GLOVES: Bandit Gloves
BELT: Serene Yellow Belt
LEGS: Warbear Woolies
FEET: Bandit Boots
MAIN HAND: Speedsteel Rapier
OFF HAND: Greenweave Branch

The Druid Monk

The second outfit is heavily inspired by the druid class featuring a few recolors of druid-only tier gear. Some of the pieces have previously been available to rogues, however, they are far more fitting for a mistweaver monk.


Color Scheme


HEAD: Crown of the Forest Lord
SHOULDERS: Ravenwing Pauldrons
CHEST: Robes of Eighty Lights
GLOVES: Sapfly Gloves
BELT: Serene Yellow Belt
FEET: Fire-Chanter Boots
MAIN HAND: Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm
OFF HAND: Purehearted Cricket Cage

Do you have an awesome outfit that you’d like to share with the world? Send screenshots to me and I might feature them here! E-mail: edge@blizzpro.com Make sure your screenshots are unedited and uncropped, and that you send me a list of the gear featured in your pictures.