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PVP Power, Resilient Dummies, CC Compression: The Week In Lore

by - 6 years ago

Hazardous material/adorable kitten Lore has been making waves in the PVP world with some of his recent discussions about potential changes coming to various PVP systems in Warlords of Draenor. The short version? Here we go:

  • PVP Power, instead of adding a flat percentage to your effectiveness against players, will instead augment your primary stat (Strength/Agility/Intellect) when engaging players.
  • Crowd-control is going through the wringer: some baseline CCs will be removed, others altered, other left untouched, while CC breaks are also going through a similar pruning in order to maintain parity.
  • That said, talented CC options are getting shaken up to make certain talent tiers more about choosing between different CCs rather than choosing between CCs vs. DPS.
  • Concepts like base resilience and Battle Fatigue will hopefully not be necessary going forward.
  • Lore is taking a forum suggestion for a PVP-oriented target dummy to the devs for discussion.

All of these changes seem oriented at demystifying PVP so it’s more approachable for players who might not have tried it before, while also trying to keep a clear distinction that PVP gear is going to help you excel in PVP, while PVE gear will help you excel in PVE. Want to do some world PVP? Your PVP gear should be optimal for that as well.

Lore was quick to point out that everything is still in flux and could change during the course of the expansion, so don’t make any immutable plans based on this information. However, it’s certainly a good discussion to have now, when hard decisions are being made by the devs. And as the PVP target dummy suggestion proves, Blizzard is always open to ideas.

Don’t be afraid to hop into one of those threads on the officials forums, or start up that discussion here in the comments, if you want your opinion on the matter heard.


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