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WoW Patch 5.2 Hotifxes – Mogu Runes Reduced to 50 Lesser Charms

by - 5 years ago

Patch 5.2 got another hotfix today that I think will make several people very happy (I know I’m ecstatic). The biggest change this week is that the weekly quest to get 3 Mogu Runes of Fate has been reduced to needing 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune instead of the 90 it used to be. As someone like me who is exalted with all the Mists of Pandaria factions right now and not overly interested in doing pet battles it’s a little refreshing that I don’t have the chore of doing as many dailies each week.

Also players who are fighting Oondasta or Nalak from another realm are eligible for loot once again on the kill.

You can read the full hotfix patch notes here.

April 22

  • Creatures
  • Quests
    • Mogu Runes of Fate: Reduced the number of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune needed for the Mogu Runes of Fate weekly quest to 50, down from 90.
  • Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
    • Throne of Thunder
      • Twin Consorts
        • Cosmic Barrage now summons 4 Crashing Stars (down from 6) on 10-player Normal, Heroic, and Raid Finder difficulty. 8 Crashing Stars (down from 12) are summoned on 25-player Normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Items
    • Sinister Primal Diamond should now correctly have different activation rates depending on the class and specialization. In addition, activation rate for Fire Mages has been increased.

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